19th Annual Writer's Digest Self Publihed Book Awards Commentary - Judge #7

“I really like this little character. It was fun learning about ferrets being pets. I liked how you showed him having to move and how well it worked out. The book could provide a good example for children who have to move. While I enjoyed seeing all the places Chubby could go, I especially liked the pictures of the playpen, igloo, and toy because they were colorful and different from the rest. I like the part where Chubby gets outside and his confrontation with the geese. It added a bit of tension with the reader in worrying if and how chubby would get out of his predicament and if and how he was going to get back home for a happy ending".

20th Annual Writer's Digest Self Publihed Book Awards Commentary - Judge #2

Chubby Wubbles is a unique and engaging story. There aren't many children's books on the market that feature ferrets. The photographs are a creative way of illustrating the story, giving children a chance to see and appreciate what a real ferret looks like and how he behaves in real life. Young readers will be delighted
by the funny antics of this little creature and his many misadventures. It is clear that the author has a special place in his heart for this animal, and this enthusiasm comes through in the story even without reading the dedication to ferret rescue shelters.
Pacific Book Review

The US Review of Books
Recieved the Gold Seal of Literary Excellece

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4 out of 5 Stars

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  A Ferret's Tale
"Chubby Wubbles - A Ferret's Tale" - Children's photo story book                               
"Chubby Wubbles - My Pet Ferret" - Children's photo / illustrated story book                       
"Chubby Wubbles & Coco - 2 Missing Ferrets" - Children's illustrated story book                 
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