This story takes place in an apartment with a small park and pond nearby. The main characters are a young man named Jeffrey and a ferret named Chubby. The story revolves around their growing friendship and adventures together.

Excerpts from "Chubby Wubbles" My Pet Ferret

Page #1

Mark put his pet ferrets, Chubby and Coco, to bed in their playpen after another long day
of fun and play.

The next morning Chubby woke to find Coco missing. The door was open so he began
looking in all her favorite hiding spots. He couldn't find her anywhere.

Chubby wondered what happened to Coco. Would he ever see her again? “I miss her so
much,” he sighed tearfully.

Page #5

Jeffrey moved out of his parents' house and was glad to be on his own. He always wanted
his own pet, and now he would be sharing his new apartment with a loving ferret. Jeffrey
was happy that he could spend lots of time with Chubby every day because he worked 
from home.

Chubby finally got settled in the apartment and looked forward to having fun with Jeffrey! 
It was a fresh start for both of them.

Page #11

One day, Jeffrey let Chubby out of his playpen while he cleaned their apartment. As he
took out the trash, Chubby followed close behind. He scurried down the porch steps just
as Jeffrey closed the door. Jeffrey thought Chubby was still inside!

Once Chubby was out of sight, he thought about all the attention Jeffrey was giving him,
He loved Jeffrey, but he missed Coco dearly. She was his favorite playmate and best
friend. “I'm sure I’ll find Coco in the park waiting for me!" He didn't know where she was, 
or why she left, but longed to be with her again.

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